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Ensemble von Bauten*

Via las Caglias | 7018 Flims
Group of Buildings by the Flims architect Rudolf Olgiati, 1950-1977. Las Caglias House and House Radulff with the Café Las Caglias which is connected to it are in the center of the group. Olgiati's endeavor to lead the traditional culture of construction of the Grisons into a synthesis with Le Corbusier's architecture and the architecture of Greek antiquity can be studied here in an unrivalled coherence.

(Kunstführer durch Graubünden, Hg. Gesellschaft für Schweizerische Kunstgeschichte. Eng. translation of the title: Art Guide of Graubünden, ed. Society for the History of Swiss Art, Zurich 2008. This book has only been published in German.)