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Haus Rosales* (Igl Furn)

Schmelza | 7440 Andeer
Building camouflaged to look like a country house containing an iron-melting furnace which is unique for Switzerland.

Built around 1840 by the Italian mining company del Negri with the participation of the Lombardic Count Gaspare Ordogno de Rosales. The Count, follower of Giuseppe Mazzini, wanted to support the insurgents of the Italian free movement with weapons made from the iron that was mined here.

Renovation into residential building around 1922; today residence with studio. Angular complex; three-aisle entrance hall in the main wing, high blast furnace that extends over three storeys on the south side.

(Kunstführer durch Graubünden, Hg. Gesellschaft für Schweizerische Kunstgeschichte. Eng. translation of the title: Art Guide of Graubünden, ed. Society for the History of Swiss Art, Zurich 2008. This book has only been published in German.)