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Schloss Bothmar*

Rüfigass | 7208 Malans GR
Placed in a noteworthy Baroque garden; built in several phases, a many-angled, charming building complex, with gorgeous wood-panelled parlours and rooms with stucco decoration from different epochs.

The castle has belonged to the family Salis-Seewis since 1760. Late Middle Age central core, reconstructed to a stately home and splendidly furnished by the Beeli family, 1500-1575; in the 18th century it came into the ownership of the Salis-Maienfeld family, building of the south wing between 1716 and 1739, as well as the addition of the west and east wings between 1751 and 1770. In the 19th century modernisation of the non-residential buildings at the back of the manor and a more modern rearrangement of the castle park with Baroque garden. Exterior restoration, 2000-01. Open portal arch with the inscription and coat of arms of the Salis, Ruchenberg and Klingenberg families, built in 1762 through Gubert Abraham von Salis, restored 1996.

In the large hall (2nd storey of the south wing), stucco and painted through vault from 1740, and at the same time the fireplace of red marble with a stucco flue. Boudoir with wallpaper on canvas from 1740. In other rooms, wood panelling from 1580 and 1700; stucco ceilings from 1740-50; excellent stoves with Baroque and Rococo decorations, by David Pfau (dated 1690) and Ferdinand Bolser (1760) and others; among the numerous paintings, two good portraits of Johann Gaudenz von Salis-Seewis and Katharina von Salis-Seewis by Pietro Uberti (1762).

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